MEAL PREP | These 8 ingredients make healthy, fast & flexible recipes all week (Never repeat meals!)

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this video only offers general health and diet advice. always check with your dietician or doctor to make sure that. a new diet or way of eating is suitable for you. you may need or require specialized advice, health and diet guidance, or personalized meal plans. calories and recipe amounts in this video are only rough estimates. this information is not intended to cure any type of health condition or deliver any kind of particular result. always store your prepped food in airtight containers as soon as it is ready, and promptly store it in the fridge to keep fresh. always consume your prepped food within the appropriate amount of time, and discard prepped food if it has gone bad.

THIS IS PURELY INTENDED AS/ AND FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES. This information/ video is not intended as medical advice, or intended to replace medical or psychological advice. Always consult with your health/ medical practitioner or doctor before you try a new health routine, a new way of consuming meals, a new diet, a new meal plan, meal prep or a calorie restricted diet. There are no guaranteed results from these recipes, this diet, these products, or from this video.
All calorie amounts mentioned are estimates only.
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