Meal Prep Service / Personal Chef ! GreenFare Organic Cafe TAKE HOME 7 Meal Plan

What will you be eating next week??? DON’T FORGET to order your 7 Meal TAKE HOME GreenFare Food by Noon Saturday for pickup on Monday and / or by Noon Wednesday for pickup on Friday. Order link below…

*** RESERVE Your 7 Meal Freshly Prepared GreenFare Take Home Food HERE: https://bit.ly/GREENFARE7MealPlan

*** SIGN UP For The Next GreenFare 21 Day Health Optimization / Weight Loss Class HERE: https://bit.ly/GREENFARE21DayKickstart

*** ORDER Your GreenFare House Made Weekend Carryout or Dine In PIZZA by calling in before 7pm each Wednesday HERE: 7036890506 your choice of margharita, wild mushroom, southwestern, roasted veggie, and a dessert strawberry chocolate + PICKUP on Friday or Saturday! These unique pizzas feature House Made Cheese + Corn and Wheat crusts.

*** ORDER regular GreenFare menu ( dine in or take out ) Food HERE: https://bit.ly/GREENFAREsite
Then Click “ORDER ONLINE” anytime. Herndon restaurant open 11am to 7pm daily except CLOSED Sunday

ALL GreenFare Organic Cafe Food is the top level health optimizing food. Every single item. No other food establishment even approaches this highest level of commitment to YOUR HEALTH AND WELLNESS!
Every GreenFare item…
- Is loaded with Phytonutrients and Intact Fiber.
- Is Fully Organically grown.
- Is CERTIFIED "Healthy Vegan Food" for your best health and correct weight management. This is the only restaurant to receive this designation for every single item on the entire menu!!! Learn more @ http://HealthyVeganFood.info
- Optimizes your immune system and gut health.
- Contains ZERO added oil, sugar, and salt. Low sodium = lower blood pressure.
- Contains ZERO animal products.
- Is prepared in a certified fully Organic environment with ZERO chemicals.
- Contains low caloric density and a low percentage of calories from fat.
- Is cooked at temperatures BELOW 350 degrees in order to prevent the formation of cancer causing acrylamide.
- Has a lower glycemic index which reduces blood sugar spikes and energy crashes following a meal. Also reduces food cravings.
- Contains ZERO alcohol.

+ EVERYTHING handed to you with GreenFare takeout is 100% compostable!
Eat all you want off the entire GreenFare menu and the more GreenFare food you eat, the healthier ( and happier ) you'll be! This cannot be said about any other restaurant!!!


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