Mastering Healthy Nutrition - First Steps Healthy Eating

Hey guys! Today, we analyze the nutrition aspects of being healthy in great detail but on a pragmatic level.
We try to REALLY find out what healthy means and try to integrate it into a lifestyle by tackling typical myths.
In essence, this is a very concise and short summary of chapter 4 of the Self-Improvement Almanac.
There is a lot more detail in the book!

Many people suffer from bad eating habits -- often unknowingly.
``Healthy'' is based on our evolutionary past and depends on very general parameters.
There is no real healthy food -- only healthy diets as a whole.
Moderation, gut adaptations, unprocessed, fresh, and enough macros/micros are decent hallmarks.
Eat in moderation, some leafy greens, fruits, and healthy fats, and you are likely healthy! #health #selfImprovement #firststeps

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