Master a Zettelkasten Note-Taking Workflow in Notion from Scratch

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In this video we cover how to set up a Zettelkasten / Smart Notes note-taking system in Notion.

00:00 Introduction
00:20 What is Notion
00:37 Zettelkasten Overview
01:10 Fleeting Notes
01:25 Literature Notes
01:36 Permanent Notes
02:07 Linking Notes
02:51 Ask questions against your Zettelkasten
03:16 How to Take Smart Notes Book
03:39 Starting your Zettelkasten in Notion
04:06 Setting up the Slip-Box
04:50 Note Titles
04:59 Note Tags
05:15 Note Types
06:38 Note Status
08:00 Note Templates
09:22 Example Zettelkasten
10:31 Fleeting Note Example
11:15 Rigid structure warning
11:45 Creating literature notes
13:37 Benefits of small notes
14:49 Bidirectional linking
17:17 Note taking workflow
19:24 Create a questions view
21:09 Maps of Content
23:29 Recap
24:42 Putting things on the backlog
25:15 Shortform
28:30 Final Thoughts

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