Marooned on an Island FILLED with Predators - Survival Fountain of Youth

Welcome to Survival: Fountain of Youth. Survival: Fountain of Youth is a challenging single-player open-world survival game set on the Caribbean islands. Survive as a shipwrecked 16th-century explorer, craft tools and shelter, and uncover the secrets of both an ancient civilization and your own fate. In this episode I check out the demo and pretty much every critter wants me dead, I hope you enjoyed this episode of Survival: Fountain of Youth, thanks for watching and liking.

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About Survival: Fountain of Youth:

You are a member of Juan Ponce de Leon's expedition in search of the Fountain of Youth, based on an actual historic event of the Age of Discovery. After surviving a shipwreck, you need to learn to live on an uninhabited island: hunt, gather and manage resources, build shelters, discover new technologies, develop skills, resist diseases, cope with weather conditions, fight predators, and much more. Your main goal is to Survive. Your secondary goals are to figure out the fate of an extinct Indian civilization and to look for your shipwrecked crew, explore the islands, and maybe find the Fountain of Youth.
Survive in the 16th century

Dangerous animals, weather, plants, diseases, injuries, hunger, thirst, exhaustion — everything will test your strength and ability to survive. To stay alive, you will need to hunt, fight, explore new territories, map the islands, gather resources, craft, cook, read books, dive into the underwater world and much more. Are you ready to take on the challenge?
Travel the seas

To travel between islands, you can build a variety of sea vessels — from primitive rafts to amazing ships. While at sea, you also need to worry about survival — having enough food, water, medicine, and ship repair tools to complete your journey.
Develop skills and technologies

There are hundreds of items that can be crafted and used for survival, from the simplest tools made of sticks and rocks to advanced muskets, metal armor and tools. You can also build a variety of workshops, from primitive leather dryers to an advanced 16th-century forge.

Each action you perform improves your skills — strength, cooking, skinning, shooting, and more. Survive long enough and develop new abilities to evolve from a clumsy rookie to a hardcore survivor.
Explore 20+ unique islands

Each island is special — with its own landscape, climate, weather, flora, fauna and resources. You may chart efficient sea routes and build camps on a variety of islands to explore, survive, and discover the hidden mysteries of each island.
Explore the backstory

Explore different islands and discover remnants of an ancient civilization that perished for an unknown reason. Uncover clues and traces of your shipmates and learn how they survived after the shipwreck. Follow the story or carve out your destiny in the open-world environment. How you play the game and how you finish it, the choice is yours.

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