Mark Bell Got Rhabdo? Training Review With Coach Dan Garner || MBPP Ep. 886

In this Podcast Episode, Dan Garner, Mark Bell, Nsima Inyang, and Andrew Zaragoza talk about what could have possibly gone wrong during Mark's run that started on a trail and ended in the hospital. Mark has been working with Dan for his Boston Marathon Prep.
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00:00 - What happened to Mark while running
09:38 - Interpretation of Mark's blood & urine test results
18:10 - Rhabdo: Causes
21:19 - Factors to be kept in mind to avoid similar situation
25:34 - Need to know about ketones & Carbs
28:18 - Low, Normal & High sugar levels
30:08 - Correlation between Cortisol & glucose.
32:00 - Mark's good recovery capacity
35:18 - Steroids has been part of recovery
37:51 - From Quantitative to Qualitative coaching
40:41 - Mark on Boston Marathon
43:29 - Do you work with Marathon runners
44:50 - Program plan for marathon runners
48:44 - Nutrition coaching for Golfers
52:47 - Basics to keep in mind to interpret blood work
59:41 - Dietary treatment of Acidosis
1:01:24 - Sweat patch to measure hydration
1:03:48 - Making evidence-based decision with all biomarkers
1:05:57 - Dan's view on Hot & cold therapy
1:10:29 - Cold Plunge temperature & time
1:13:03 - Is long term use of cold plunge detrimental
1:15:43 - Do you pay attention to breath work of athletes
1:17:32 - Nasal breathing helps to control glucose
1:18:17 - Hot/cold therapy post workout can disrupt adaptation
1:21:03 - Ratio for contrast therapy
1:21:36 - Coaching Ryan Badar to championship
1:25:07 - Challenge to coach athletes with weight restrictions
1:29:27 - How to maximize muscle glycogen
1:33:13 - Getting prep for competition
1:35:50 - Common weight cutting mistakes
1:40:55 - Tips to overcome GI distress
1:42:39 - Can weight cutting affect brain
1:45:09 - Changes in rules for UFC weigh-ins
1:48:27 - Any moral issues working with UFC fighters
1:52:17 - Way to connect with Dan & his book
1:53:57 - Outro.
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