Lunch Your Classroom: Eating Healthy for the School Year - Teacher Wellness Tips

Healthy eating habits give you the energy you need to feel your best during the school day and beyond! Join Heather for some nutritious, satisfying lunch ideas to start your new year in a healthy, mindful way.


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Teachers need to have a self-care routine to avoid mental and physical exhaustion. One big part of this is eating in a healthy and balanced way! Instead of reaching for fast food and pre-prepared options, teachers can create healthy batch meals in the form of mason jar salads. In this video, Heather will lead you through this easy meal preparation in a few clear, simple-to-follow steps. This meal has many different recipe options to keep you excited about your school lunches, and the healthy ingredients will give you the nutritional balance you need to keep going!

1) What are some of my favorite ingredients I can include in these batch meals?

2) When is the best time of day for me to do meal preparation, and why?

3) What other batch meals can I add to my school lunch rotation?

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