Lumpy Skin Disease Treatment In Livestock Urdu/Hindi 2022 || لمپی سکن بیماری کا مؤثر اور آزمودہ علاج

Lumpy Skin Disease Treatment in Livestock and Dairy Animals and Effective Medicines for the treatment of lumpy skin Disease

Video Chapters:
00:00 Introduction
00:47 Sign and Symptoms of Lumpy Skin Disease
01:48 Treatment and Medicines for Lumpy skin disease
02:40 Treatment of Lumpy Skin Disease
05:08 Time and Dosage of Lumpy Skin Medicines
07:41 Lumpy Skin Disease Treatment Chart
08:02 Lumpy Skin Disease Control
08:40 Nutrition and management of sick animals
08:55 Lumpy Skin disease Vaccination
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