Low Potassium (LK) Diet and Kidney Disease

Low Potassium (LK) Diet and Kidney Disease dietary video created by the NHSGGC renal dietitians.

00:18 What is potassium ?
00:44 Target blood potassium range
01:02 Low potassium diet 50-70mmol/d
01:15 Consequence of elevated blood potassium
01:38 Non-dietary causes
02:16 Other causes
02:44 Hyperkalaemia
03:13 Fruits and vegetables
03:42 How much potassium should I eat per day?
04:24 How to reduce dietary potassium intake?
04:27 Cooking methods
05:36 Diet 1 - Example of a high potassium diet
06:20 Diet 2 - Example of a low potassium diet
06:56 High potassium vegetables
08:29 Fruit portion sizes
09:08 Different types of milk
09:50 Plant based milk
10:11 Beverages
10:41 Potassium additives
11:11 High potassium snacks
11:31 Low potassium snacks
11:39 Change of dietary potassium restriction
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