Looking for HEALTHY MEAL PREP IDEAS? | mediterranean diet meal planning is the answer!

You asked for healthy meal prep ideas for the week that can make Mediterranean diet meal planning work and, finally, here it is! It took a lot of trial and error to find the sweet spot for a combination of easy meal prep recipes that would deliver a balanced mix of just what you need in a weekly meal prep menu. It's all about making sure you have 5 key areas covered and after that, you can customize to your own tastebuds! But if you're looking for inspiratoin, I'm sharing one of my typical weekly menus to get you started.

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If you want to learn how to follow the Mediterranean diet and eat the Mediterranean way every day, come along with me to learn how it's done in Spain and other countries around the Mediterranean sea. Join me as we have fun putting together a new recipe or two for some easy but incredibly tasty Mediterranean classics. ¡Buen provecho!

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By the age of 6, there was early evidence that food would play an important role in my life. Practicing penmanship and kitchen creativity, I co-authored my first recipe, “Ham Slam”, with one of my older siblings. It had all the makings of a classic 1960’s American kitchen treasure, featuring gourmet ingredients like Campbell’s cream of celery soup and Durkee’s canned French Fried onion rings. It’s no wonder my culinary career promptly took a diversion until around the age of 40.

But spending years as an executive in the business of marketing brands such as Apple, Microsoft, and Sony Pictures didn’t snuff out my lifelong passion for travel, food, and wine. I eventually found my way back to my culinary roots when I turned my attention to studying technique at Cordon Bleu Paris, exploring new foodie concepts around Europe and documenting them in words and pictures.

I’ve been privileged to pen articles and columns in many publications, including the Food52, Huffington Post, msn.com, Zester Daily, Santa Ynez Valley Journal, Michigan BLUE Lakestyle Magazine, Olive Oil Times and Olive Oil Source, the world’s top-ranked olive oil-related websites.

In the process, there was one more thing I learned. Despite the explosion of global cuisines in restaurants all across the U.S., you can’t fully experience the wide world of flavor all from your own backyard, Toto.

Following that thought put me and my partner, George on a plane to Alicante Spain in 2014 where we have lived ever since. Our mission is to explore the aromas, healthy ingredients and collective imaginations that are all part of the Mediterranean's vast culinary heritage.
00:00 Introduction
00:31 Why Meal Prep?
01:07 Solves 5 Problems
01:46 Pace Yourself
02:02 Get Ready
02:31 Put the Plan in Place
03:08 5 Key Meal Prep Parts
04:43 My Weekly Meal Plan
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