Long-haul Covid symptoms and Cervical Instability overlap and Vagus Nerve Connection

In this nearly 2 hour webinar, Ross Hauser, MD reviews some medical articles on long covid and discusses the overlap of symptoms in patients diagnosed with long covid and those who have cervical instability and vagus nerve degeneration. He begins by sharing a very personal statement and update on Caring Medical Florida.

00:00 Introduction
01:07 Sharing a personal statement
03:14 Prayer for the Matias family
04:58 Love from the team and patients
08:00 Being a Natural Medicine doctor
10:58 #1 thing humans need
12:55 What do I consider a successful year?
13:35 Pray for your enemies
15:18 How to grow in love
18:15 I believe God loves me
20:20 Give love
21:10 Maximum regenerative capacity
22:35 Questions we will explore about long-haul covid
23:40 Personal experience treating Covid patients
25:39 Coughing is like mini-whiplashes
27:07 Change your posture when sick
28:00 Definition of long-haulers
30:00 Symptoms of long Covid
32:30 Higher prevalence in women
35:37 How infections are taught to doctors
37:00 Antibiotic vs. Antiviral
38:31 Example of inside or outside the cell
43:35 Disruption of the blood brain barrier
48:20 Cervical lordosis and brain fluid flow
53:39 Covid-19 neurological manifestations
58:00 Acute Covid and Post-Covid chart
1:00:55 Lab abnormalities Post-Covid
1:02:00 Cervical instability and Covid symptoms cont.
1:06:05 Scientific theories on long-haul covid
1:12:13 “You Must Relax”
1:15:23 Mold toxicity example
1:18:00 Symptom improvement with improved C-curve
1:19:40 Microclots
1:25:55 Autoimmunity and antibodies
1:29:09 Long-haul & Vagopathy overlap
1:31:15 Ergonomic goals
1:32:07 What damages the vagus nerve?
1:37:00 What does the vagus nerve do?
1:44:19 MRI & x-ray reviews of patients
1:47:49 Obstruction of internal jugular vein
1:48:12 What can you do to help yourself?
1:49:01 Progression of brain pressure symptoms
1:52:23 Curve correction and Prolotherapy

The Hauser Neck Center at Caring Medical Florida is located in Fort Myers, Florida in the US. We treat patients who travel to our center from all around the globe, however, please understand that we do not treat all cases. If you are looking for our team to review your case and possibly see you in our neck center, you can contact us through https://www.caringmedical.com/conditions/prolotherapy-neck-pain-cervical-instability/#get-help-now, call us at 239-308-4773, or email [email protected]
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**DISCLAIMER: As with any medical treatment, no guarantees or claims of cures are made as to the extent of the response to treatment that every person experiences. Every therapy/treatment has patients who experience varying levels of success and failure. Results may not be the same from patient to patient, even with a similar diagnosis, as the body’s internal status is unique to each individual.
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