Let's talk about Hashimoto's disease | I am in a major flair | how FAITH fits in to suffering

This is a bit different than my typical video. Today I wanted to share some of my health struggles in an effort to connect with my sisters who are struggling similarly. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's disease over 18 years ago after suffering with Graves disease for about 5 years. My thyroid was out of control for MANY years, but it has been stable for the past 10+ years and so finding out that I am off the charts in a flair was a bit of a surprise. The past nearly 2 years have been such a struggle for me physically, but now I have hope that if I get my levels under control I may actually start to feel better!!!

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If you have tried the Autoimmune Protocol diet (AIP) and have any advice for me, please share!!

I am wearing a budget-friendly human hair wig I purchased from Behke Arnold-Green from https://www.facebook.com/behkecan/ on Facebook. I will be sharing more on this one soon!

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