Lecture 13: Management of Plant Virus Diseases

Microbiology Lecture Series
Lecture 13: Management of Plant Virus Diseases

In this video, I am going to tell you some strategies to control (or manage) plant virus diseases.
I've included:
Conventional Approaches
Indexing and Certification Programs
Cultural Methods
Heat Therapy/Thermotherapy
Meristem Tip Culture
Somatic Embryogenesis
Cross Protection
Elimination and Control of Insect Vectors
Barrier Crops
Reflective Mulches
Bioagents for control of vectors
Predators for control of vectors
Breeding of Resistant and Tolerant Cultivars
Resistance Mechanisms
Natural Resistance
Modern Methods
Life Cycle of Plant Viruses
Strategies for Transgenic Development
Pathogen Derived Resistance
Coat Protein Based Protection
Replicase Mediated Resistance
Movement Protein Mediated Resistance
Nucleic-Acid Based Protection
Antisense RNA (asRNA)
Satellite RNA
Virus Induced Gene Silencing
Other Stragies

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