LEAVE WITH PRIDE – What happens when being LGBTQ+ is a disease?

While the whole world was battling a real illness, a marginalized part of Vietnamese society was facing an absurd one: "gay disease", "transgender disease" – or to be more inclusive – "LGBTQ+ disease". Although science has already proved the contrary, many still maintain a troubling view of the LGBTQ+ community. Some have been forced to undergo “conversion therapy”, ending up with anxiety, depression – even resorting to suicide.
To bring attention to this issue, we ran a social experiment to challenge the belief that being LGBTQ+ is a disease.

Watch this social experiment, and if you agree that we should put an end to the stigma:

– Sign a petition to the World Health Organization in Vietnam: https://www.isee.org.vn/petition/en

– Share the video with hashtags #NgưngBệnhLýHóaLGBTQ #LGBTQIsNotADisease to spread the message in the country and abroad.
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