Learning To Draw The Figure From Imagination | Build Up Muscles - Loomis - Comics - Manga

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In this video I cover some basic process for how to build a proportional base (or Mannequin) Using a Loomis style Method. I then demonstrate the basics of how to add muscle on top. And do a simple demo for how to pose the figure.

I'll add some more videos soon expanding on these concepts (coming up with different poses using a stick figure mannequin, and how to add different types of muscles)

With most types of stylised types of art - There is often a mix of structure and perspective and technical drawing.... combined with symbols and abstract features.

Once you get good at blocking in proportion with the Loomis Method you can use it to suit your own style.

It's just a tool you can use to help you draw cool stuff!

Happy Drawing!

Tim Mcburnie

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