Lawn Disease | Melting Out and Leaf Spot

In this video I will discuss the Lawn Disease Melting Out and Leaf Spot. People very rarely talk about this Lawn Disease and often mistake it for something else like heat stress. This is a Lawn Disease that can creep into your lawn in the Spring and Summer months. It likes cool wet conditions and normally can be found in your lawn in April, May, June and July. It attacks Cool Season Lawns and can be mainly found in golf courses and homelawns. You won't spot this disease in the mornings by looking for mycelium on the grass, you will just see the spots on the blades and the discoloration of the leaf blades. It spreads by wind and water splashing and is survived by infested debris and thatch in your turf canopy. If you see this disease, spray it immediately cause it can do damage to the crown of your grass plant. I hope this video helps you if you encounter this Lawn Disease.

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Melting Out and Leaf Spot Lawn Disease
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