Launch Event: Just Tech Platform

On March 1, the Social Science Research Council launched the Just Tech platform, a new website dedicated to mapping research and showcasing scholars and practitioners leading the field of social justice and emergent technology. The platform is a project of the Council's Just Tech program, which investigates questions of power, justice, and the public impact of new technologies while imagining and creating more just and equitable futures.

To celebrate the Just Tech platform launch, the Just Tech program presents a live demo and Q&A session, as well as remarks from Ruha Benjamin, Timnit Gebru, Alondra Nelson, and Safiya U. Noble.

The platform features an extensive set of resources that will be valuable to anyone interested in a synoptic view of this emergent field of research and practice:

- field reviews about the state of research on discrete subjects at the intersection of novel technology and social justice, written and reviewed by experts

- essays and interviews from leading researchers and practitioners

- profiles of Just Tech’s network of researchers and practitioners, including fellows, grantees, and contributors to the platform

- a free-to-use database of citations that leverages Zotero, an open-source citation library
a regularly updated calendar of public events

Useful links:
Just Tech Platform: https://just-tech.ssrc.org/
Just Tech Twitter: https://twitter.com/ssrc_just_tech
Just Tech program overview: https://www.ssrc.org/programs/just-tech/
Just Tech Fellowship: https://www.ssrc.org/programs/just-tech/just-tech-fellowship/
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