Lanius Doesn't Exist, Teddy Bears, and Someone is in Nick | The Unhinged Fallout Iceberg TIER 5

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This is it. The final tier of The Unhinged Fallout Iceberg. Over the past month, we've talked about the weirdest, strangest, most out-there pieces of lore, developer commentary, and theories in the history of the Fallout games. But, all things come to an end. This final tier is what I believe to be the wildest of them all. It goes over a lot of 'what-if' theories, explains some potential cut content, and covers a theory that may explain why the entire universe of Fallout is the way it is. Buckle up, it's Tier 5 of the Unhinged Fallout Iceberg!

If there was anything you felt like I missed, feel free to leave a suggestion in the comments, and I'll see about making a fan-inspired bonus tier!

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