Land of the Gods | Book Launch | Arjun Kadian with Jay Panda and Sanjeev Sanyal | #SangamTalks

Video Courtesy: Prabha Khaitan Foundation
The Book Launch event organised by KITAB, Prabha Khaitan Foundation for the book 'Land Of The Gods - the story of Haryana' by Arjun Kadian in conversation with eminent politician and National Vice President of BJPJay Panda and Principal Economic Advisor and Author Sanjeev Sanyal moderated by social activist and politician Shazia Ilmi.

About the Speaker:
Arjun Kadian, an academic by profession is the young and promising writer of the book Land of Gods- the story of Haryana. He teaches Geology and his research focusses on Palaentology, Sedimentology and River Saraswati.

0:00 Introduction
3:15 Breaking Haryana stereotupes
4:45 Haryana - land of Sindhu Saraswati civilisation, Abode of Hari
6:50 A battle ground for Delhi Throne
9:38 Jay Panda's observations from the book
11:52 The Khap panchayat and its role in 1857
14:16 Sanjeev Sanyal's introducing the viewers to the book
19:16 The journey of the book writing
21:50 The research and formation of the book
24:00 Satnami rebellion
26:40 Shazia Ilmi on broad brushing the Islamic rule in India
29:00 Sanjeev Sanyal on refering to Muslim invadors in writing historical facts
31:20 Jay Panda on misrepresentation of history over the years
35:08 Re-telling of history substantiated with facts
36:20 Reference to Ashoka
37:20 Arjun Kadian's next upcoming book
39:32 The stereotypes
40:45 Questioning Khap panchayat's role
42:00 Haryana in present times
43:45 More historical figures
45:28 Unique perspective of Haryana
47:32 Modern v/s traditional Haryana

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