Kliq This #001 Scott Hall

In the debut episode of 'Kliq This', Kevin Nash and Sean Oliver discuss the one and only Scott Hall. Listen in as they candidly shoot the shit about stories from the road, how they met, the curtain call, and Scott's passing. Also included are random thoughts on current events, weekly segments 'Stiff One of the Week' and 'Because Florida or Dirty Jersey', and so much more!

00:06 INTRO
02:18 Kevin Nash on the Podcast world
02:51 "Another Wrestling Podcast?"
03:31 Kevin Nash's Basketball career
05:43 Do you watch RAW every week?
07:07 "Nobody has any heat"
08:31 Seth Rollins "Making Eggs"
10:10 Kevin Nash working with young WWE wrestlers
11:27 John Cena coming to Laredo, Texas?
12:23 Pro-Gun coffee company
17:18 An 10 year old FORCED to leave Ohio for Abortion
18:48 The Lack of Debate in this country
21:14 Will Nash ever run for office?
27:58 Kevin Nash on Matt Borne claiming he should have never broken into the business
30:34 Driving with Lou Albano
34:57 Today Topic: Scott Hall
39:48 WHEN did the Kliq form?
42:00 The Kliq traveling together while working together
45:32 Including Hall's drinking on TV
47:20 The Kliq vs Vince McMahon
48:55 Jim Cornette's take on the curtain call
52:06 When did Sean Waltman start riding with the Kliq?
56:08 WHO Trained Scott Hall?
57:27 Scott Hall beating up Marty Jannetty
58:37 Scott Hall working in Japan
01:02:01 Who invented the "toothpick gimmick"
01:02:33 Working with Raven
01:03:17 How far could Scott Hall have gone?
01:05:23 The Razor Ramon Character
01:06:39 When did Nash decide to leave WWF?
01:09:07 WCW's schedule vs WWF's schedule
01:10:28 Hall & Nash's WCW contracts
01:12:06 First time Nash runs into Vince after leaving WWF
01:13:50 Hall & Nash in WCW
01:15:43 Wrestlemania 18
01:18:20 Scott Hall's health
01:20:25 Scott Hall's divorce
01:21:37 Scott Hall's son Cody
01:23:39 When Scott Hall broke his other hip
01:28:31 Nash's last moments with Scott Hall
01:30:54 How are Scott Hall's kids?
01:32:31 How did WWE handle Scott Hall's passing?
01:34:36 Will there ever be another Scott Hall?
01:36:01 Scott Hall's PTSD
01:38:04 COVID's effect on Scott Hall
01:40:16 BREAK: Ultimate Wrestling Trivia
01:42:16 QUESTION: Biggest Hot Head
01:45:13 QUESTION: Wrestling Handshakes
01:46:22 Harley Race Story
01:49:40 QUESTION: Eric Roberts' acting
01:52:14 QUESTION: Who calls the match?
01:54:02 QUESTION: Will you ever write an autobiography?
01:55:49 QUESTION: Was it ever considered to give you a gimmick closer to your life?
01:57:09 QUESTION: Pre-Match Routine
01:59:12 OUTRO
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