Kidney Disease Miracle | Patients Documented Beating CKD (w just 1 tablet a day)

Today results that may have been considered impossible just a few years ago can happen.
Patients have been documented beating CKD with just one tablet day.


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Intro - 00:00
This can make a huge difference - 0:21
Can lowering blood acidity really help? - 01:23
What happens when you stop intaking too much acid from foods? - 02:25
What foods are the most alkaline forming? - 03:50
Some of the best foods in the world - 05:42
Isn't the potassium from these foods bad? - 07:09
What foods should you completely avoid? - 08:16
Can sodium bicarbonate really help you? - 09:14
Is sodium bicarbonate safe? - 10:21
What is metabolic acidosis? - 11:10
How do you know if you have metabolic acidosis? - 12:00
What is the correct dose? - 12:41
End, thank you for watching! - 13:40


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