Journal of Orthopedics 2nd JOO Research ELSEVIER Methods and Paper Review Course:. Dr. P. Gopinathan

Journal of Orthopedics
2nd JOO Research ELSEVIER Methods and Paper Review Course (online)

Program Date 19/02/2023 (Sunday)

Timings 5:00 PM to 7:15 PM

Online registration is mandatory No registration fee

Click here to watch : https://bit.ly/OrthoTV-JOO-01

Conveyors: Prof. Dr. P. Gopinathan, Prof. Dr. Raju Vaishya & Prof. Dr.Heiko Graichen
Moderators: Prof. Dr. Vijay K Jain & Prof. Mr. K.P. Iyengar

Welcome & Introduction to the Webinar

How to search for research topic on PubMed, Scopus and Web of Science?

Formulation of Research questions and outcome measures

Components of a research paper

How to write good abstract?

Making a graphical abstract or infographics

How to write Methods and Results?

How to review a research paper?

How to write reviewers comments?

Biostatisties: what we must know

How to plan Randomised Control Trial?

Steps to do a Systematic Review

Calculation of Sample size

Paper Review Exercise

Closing Remarks

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