Joseph Smith's SECRET Education! The Dartmouth College – Randy Bell | Ep. 1728

Join John, Margi and special guest Randall Bell in exploring a lesser-studied era of Joseph's life and his family connections to nearby Dartmouth. Randall believes he has discovered a significant number of tie-ins between Dartmouth and early Mormon doctrines. Do many supposedly unique Mormon doctrines have their origin not with Joseph, but at Dartmouth?

00:00:00 Intro
00:03:42 Randy’s intro
00:06:60 *What were the original sources for what later became Mormon Doctrine?
00:10:15 *Research Outline
00:16:15 *Claims of Joseph’s lack of education
00:23:15 *Dartmouth Campus
00:30:15 *Tour of Dartmouth
00:34:15 *Tour of Smith family homes
00:36:00 *Dartmouth Connections to the Smith family
00:42:00 *Joseph & Hyrum’s relationship
00:42:45 *Dr. John Smith’s life & influence
00:45:45 *Dartmouth Themes that end up in Mormon Doctrine
00:47:00 *Dartmouth & Moor’s academy
00:47:33 *Federal Architecture
00:49:15 *Dartmouth Timeline
00:52:15 *Theme 1: Ancient American Mythology
01:10:45 *Theme 2: Protestant Christianity
01:23:30 *Theme 3: Greek Mythology
01:30:15 *Theme 4: Islamic Belief
01:38:30 *Theme 5: Masonic Rituals
01:43:15 John distilling the issues
01:47:15 John’s invitation to bring forward interesting research & articles
01:52:15 John giving the church praise for taking steps towards informed consent as response to its apostates

Episode Show Notes:

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