Joker's Blood Infection And Titan Disease - Explore - How His Blood Can Transform Anyone Into Joker?

Batman is no stranger to some tough enemies along the way. However, nobody challenged the caped crusader quite as much as the Joker did! This supervillain was supposed to be a one-time appearance, but the popularity of this character soon resulted in him becoming the arch-nemesis for Batman. He is generally portrayed as a psychopath with a sadistic bend of mind, and this criminal mastermind has troubled Batman consistently along with his gang of thugs. There are multiple origin stories of Joker that were constructed along the way. A common theory was that he suffered from chemical waste exposure and it turned him into a maniac. Other versions suggested that he simply used his expertise in chemical engineering to develop weapons and simply posed as a psycho to get away with his working style.
However, the Batman: Arkham video game series introduced a curious twist in the plot regarding the condition of Joker. Titan, an experimental chemical that is based on Venom, turned out to be the reason behind his unorthodox mannerisms and looks. There might be more to his homicidal nature and his bouts of uncontrollable laughter. In this video, we will explore the Titan disease that supposedly brought about the unique condition in one of the most iconic characters in popular culture!

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