Johnny Depp lawyer brutal Dr Spiegel cross-examination | Depp Heard trial

'You called Johnny Depp an idiot': Dr Spiegel's brutal cross-examination. Johnny Depp's lawyer Wayne Dennison asked if it was correct that Dr. Spiegel called Depp an 'idiot' in a deposition he gave for the case. Dr. Spiegel claimed he didn't call Depp an idiot but called his 'planning' an idiot because he had taken an overnight flight from Europe the night before the deposition for the trial. After if it was his practice to describe his patients as idiots, Dr. Spiegel said no. Dennison said: 'You sat for a deposition and described the plaintiff as an idiot?' Dr. Spiegel said: 'If I said it, it was an idiot in planning.'

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