Jennifer Vanilla - Humility's Disease (Official Video)

Official video for Humility's Disease, from Jennifer Vanilla's new album Castle In The Sky, out August 5th, 2022.


Directed, Shot and Edited by Luca Venter
Becca Kauffman as Jennifer Vanilla as Johnnifer Vanillo
Angel with Halo: ryen heart
Angel with Wings: Jo Warren
SFX Makeup: Nina Carelli
Hair: Cirsty Burton
Art Department: Chris Lloyd

Song Written by Becca Kauffman
Produced by Brian Abelson and Becca Kauffman

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A.K.A. JV:
Brian Abelson:


In the front in the back in the side
In the way that we can hide
If you haven’t got the time to do it right
when will you find the time?
To do it right, do it right, do it right
I take out my pocket knife
I cut out my favorite page
And I frame it so I can name it
Where in the waves are you
Are you under are you over are you blue?
Where in the crowd are you
Are you active are you dreaming it’s true?
Incoming, incoming
Incoming, incoming

We’re marching toward the water
Holding a book of art
We’re marching toward the water
Holding a book of art
We were in the water in the water
We were in the water in the water
Hardcover, hardcover

How much shame was I born with?
Was I born with a built sense of wrongness?
I exert my agency what is my manifesto
I will tell you what I really think
I want skin, I want skin, you and me
Doing done for being done
Is it just a bad habit?

Are you rigid are you open to learning?
Tapping your lips in yearning
Involve my emotion, my motion
Involve my emotion, my motion? Ha

Humility’s disease
Humility’s disease
Humility’s disease
Humility’s disease
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