Jaggery, Keto & Other 'Health Tips' Debunked (ft. @krishashok & Dr Priyanka) | The Big Story Podcast

Have you been wondering if you should switch from white sugar to jaggery? Is fast food actually harmful? Do diets like Keto and Paleo work? In this episode of The Big Story, we try to find the answers. 

We discuss the changing food habits of young people in India with special guests Krish Ashok, a food influencer and author of 'Masala Lab', and Dr. Priyanka Rohatgi, chief nutritionist at Apollo Hospitals. They talk about the rise of fast food culture and their impact on eating habits, while stressing the importance of maintaining a balanced and healthy diet.

We also have Kriti Ghai, an intern at The Quint Podcasts, who reps the Gen-Z food patterns and behaviour. 

They provide tips and advice on adopting a healthier lifestyle, debunk common myths about dieting, and highlight the benefits of traditional Indian food. The podcast is a must-listen to understand the changing food habits of young India. They don't tell you what to eat and what not to eat, but rather tell you how to come to this decision for yourself.

Tune in and listen till the end to find out if you should continue using your air fryer.


0:00 - Intro
5:12 – Gen Z defines fad diets
10:52 – Secret formula to overnight weight loss
14:00 - Manufactured in plants vs. grown on plants
21:30 - Combating medical misinformation on fad diets
30:00 – Orthorexia and hysteria
40:53 – The willpower of your environment
44:10 – Looking at food correctly
55:52 – Understanding our bodies
59:06 - Food and reward mechanisms
1:07:00 – Myth Busting Rapid Fire

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