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Nowadays, problems and issues in flight do not seem to end. After the peegate incident, flights and abuse, another incident occurred on 30th January 2023 on the 2.30 am Abu Dhabi - Mumbai Vistara flight. Before the flight took off, a 45 year old Italian woman named Paola Perruccio approached an attendant and asked for a bottle of water. She was seated in Economy class seat 11 C. The crew member asked her to remain seated and told her that she would be given a water bottle once the flight took off. Moments after the flight took off, she was given water. However, she left her seat and sat in the business class (1 A). When Labat Khan, a crew member asked why she had changed the seat and if she needed anything else, she punched her. Khan got a cut on her lip and was left bleeding.

Soon another crew member rushed to the scene and asked her to behave. Even after being restrained, she spat on the other crew member who had intervened and continued to abuse them throughout the journey. While the Captain was being informed, the woman also stripped off her clothes in the aircraft and walked in the aisle semi-naked. The cabin crew, on the captain’s instructions, overpowered Perruccio. They got her dressed and tied her to a seat at the rear end of the flight till it landed at Mumbai international airport. Labat Khan has been working with the airline for five years and filed a complaint stating, “While on board, the woman beat me, misbehaved by stripping and littering the plane, and endangering the lives of other passengers.” When the flight landed as per the pilot’s instructions, the woman deboarded before the other passengers and was handed over to security officers of the airlines at the airport.

A formal complaint was lodged with the Sahar Police. She was produced before the court and granted bail later in the day. Sahar police station officer said that the preliminary report of Perruccio’s medical examination showed she was inebriated during the journey, though the exact cause of the incident is yet to be known.

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