It is so important to understand that being overweight is not your fault

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Dr Lucy Burns and Dr Mary Barson are the founders of Real Life Medicine. In a time when nutritional advice is confusing and vested interest groups are muddying the waters, our patients come to Real Life Medicine. We can take you from overweight and overwhelmed to healthy and in control. Step by step, we are with you all the way. For real advice you can trust. Real Doctors, Real Experience, Real Results.

We promote a whole food, low carbohydrate way of eating. This has been scientifically proven to reduce weight, improve inflammation and reverse many cases of diabetes. The food is delicious and we can guarantee, you won't be hungry! We get into the guts of of gut health, an emerging area that is clearly important to our health.

We empower you to harness your mind-the most powerful tool in the quest for good health. We get to the heart of emotional eating. Imagine if food was something you only ate when you were hungry. We teach you how to change your mindset, your habits and offer you the ultimate reward of food freedom!

In this fast paced world of pressure and deadlines, our bodies and brains are suffering.
Sleep, sunshine and social connection all affect our health and wellbeing. We explain the science behind this and help you reconnect to the things that are important to optimise your health.
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