Is Having Excess Body Fat Actually A Disease? The Truth Will Surprise You! | Mind Pump 1983

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00:00 Intro
00:54 Mind Pump Fit Tip: Obesity is NOT a disease! It’s a result of choices and your lifestyle.
09:13 The alarming potential direction of A.I.
21:48 Twitter is cool.
25:33 Equinox’s New Year’s marketing ploy.
29:54 NCI’s coach's toolkit.
32:43 Dana White’s slap heard around the world.
44:22 Another study showing the recovery benefits of red-light therapy.
47:18 Andrew Tate is back in the news.
54:35 Shout out to the @goodnews_movement!

56:22 Quah question #1 - What are your thoughts on the carnivore diet?
1:05:11 Quah question #2 - What are some of your best cues to get someone to retract their shoulder blades using the correct muscle pattern so their shoulders aren’t rolled forward?
1:09:15 Quah question #3 - What are your thoughts on deload weeks?
1:12:54 Quah question #4 - Is it effective to do your compound lifts at the end of your workouts? With the gyms filling up currently, sometimes it’s hard to get the main lifts in at the beginning.
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