Is Chronic Pain A Disease? - 3 Types & Causes Of Chronic Pain with guest Rafi Salazar

Dr. Dave Candy, PT and Rafi Salazar, OT discuss the disease process of chronic pain. They'll explore 3 different types of chronic pain plus tips to help.

In this video, you'll learn:
0:00 What Is Chronic Pain?
2:00 Chronic Pain vs Acute Pain
4:00 Is Chronic Pain A Disease?
6:00 3 Types Of Chronic Pain
14:00 Psychosocial Factors and Chronic Pain
20:00 Is Chronic Pain Real (or "all in your head")?
25:00 Chronic Pain & Depression
30:00 How Does Pain Become Chronic?
35:00 Can Chronic Pain Be Cured?
40:00 Treating Chronic Pain

Read the episode transcript:
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