Integumentary System

Join the Amoeba Sisters on this introduction to the Integumentary System! This video first introduces the important functions of this system. Then, this video takes a general tour through the epidermis (and each stratum of the epidermis), dermis, hypodermis, and accessory structures. Video also mentions several major cell types in the integumentary system and examples of when the integumentary system functions can be compromised.

Betts, J. Gordon, et al. “12.1 Basic Structure and Function of the Nervous System - Anatomy and Physiology 2e | OpenStax.” Openstax.org, OpenStax, 20 Apr. 2022, https://openstax.org/books/anatomy-and-physiology-2e/pages/5-1-layers-of-the-skin



Statistics about skin cancer from the American Academy Of Dermatology: https://www.aad.org/media/stats-skin-cancer
[Note: above page was last updated in 2022, the year this video was produced. If viewing this video years later, check the "last updated" notation at the bottom of the page]

Merkel cell function is still not well understood as we mention in the video! Here are a few interesting reads about why!

To learn more about the skin cancers mentioned here - as well as many others:

Some things that are NOT consistent across all sources that we want to mention in our video notes - we find this interesting!
(1) Regarding the hypodermis - we do want to mention that some sources call the hypodermis one of the major skin layers (epidermis, dermis, and hypodermis) AND some sources only recognize the epidermis and dermis as skin layers. In fact, you'll note the 2nd source in our factual references includes the hypodermis as a skin layer and the 3rd source in our factual references excludes it as a skin layer. This may be due to the distinguishing line between dermis and hypodermis not being completely clear-cut, and also, this is likely based on how technical one is defining the skin layers. Due to this, we simply mention the hypodermis as an integumentary system layer, include its importance to the system, and we leave this note here for our viewers.

(2) Degree of burns. There are many sources that recognize 3 degrees, 4 degrees, more, or none as sometimes the terms are abandoned as a way to classify. A topic very interesting to explore, and it's a reason we mention that this is not the same across all sources. Our factual reference uses a 4 burn degree classification system as we do, which you can read about, but we recognize that there are more classifications out there.
Example of a 4 burn degree classification (discussed towards bottom of page):

Example of a 3 burn degree classification from Stanford Medicine:

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