INSANE BENEFITS of Akkermansia (Boost Your HEALTH Beyond Your Gut) | Dr. Gundry & Colleen Cutcliffe

Tired of persistent, unhealthy food cravings? How about belly fat that just won’t budge?
Well, when it comes to poor metabolic health, there are two things I want you to know:

Number 1: You’re NOT alone. The majority of people are what we call metabolically INflexible – and are therefore not able to burn body fat for fuel.

Number 2: There IS something you can do about it.

That’s why for this episode, I invited a very special guest who couldn't agree more. She’s Colleen Cutcliffe – the CEO and co-founder of Pendulum Therapeutics – a gut-health supplement company I consider to be one of the most advanced.

In this episode, Colleen and I reveal Pendulum’s newest gut health solution and why the secret to supercharging your metabolism has everything to do with your GUT.

On this episode you’ll learn:
- The insane benefits of Akkermansia (and how it can improve your health beyond your gut)
- Why no one was able to get ahold of the “holy grail” of gut health – until now (and how you can too!)
- The latest advancements in the supplement industry and how how THIS could help you metabolize sugar and carbs more efficiently
- Why you NEED butyrate-producing strains (especially for achieving weight loss goals)
- How this “weight loss molecule” can help you say goodbye to food cravings and support satiety with every meal
- The bacteria strain that has become the future of probiotics (and how it could help revolutionize YOUR health)
- Why a western diet can affect the capability of your gut bugs to absorb fiber (and why it’s a MAJOR concern)
- The crucial connection between your gut and your brain health – and how to synergistically support them
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