Innovation1 Biotech - Cannabinoid Type 2 and Children's Eye Health

Dr. Andrew Salzman, MD, Chief Science Officer at Innovation1 Biotech, a company that is modifying Schedule 1 molecules and creating drug innovation in the field of ocular disease discusses the company's water-soluble cannabinoid type two (CB2R) agonist prodrug for ocular inflammation that has shown effectiveness in stimulating ocular repair and suppressing pro-inflammatory proteins in preclinical trials. He also talks about eye health for children. www.innovation1bio.com


Andrew Salzman is a physician, scientist, inventor, and biomedical entrepreneur. He received his undergraduate training at Yale College and medical education at Harvard Medical School. He completed his pediatric internship and residency at Columbia University, and post-doctoral fellowships in pediatric critical care, neonatal critical care, immunology, mucosal physiology, and pediatric infectious disease at the Weizmann Institute of Science, Boston Children’s Hospital Medical Center, the Massachusetts General Hospital, and Beth Israel Hospital Medical Center.Dr. Salzman is an internationally recognized authority on free radical and oxidant mediated tissue injury. He founded and led the Division of Critical Care Medicine at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. For the last 20 years he has founded and led biotechnology companies that have invented and developed novel pharmaceutical therapeutics. Among these, he has invented and developed the first PARP inhibitor (INO-1001, licensed to Genentech), the first adenosine 1 receptor agonist to enter clinical trials (trabadenoson, resulting in a NASDAQ IPO), and the first recombinant cystathionine beta synthase enzyme for classical homozygous homocystinuria (Pegtibatinase sold to Travere Therapeutics).He has authored 175 peer-reviewed scientific publications and holds 60 patents in the fields of medicine, pharmacology, organic chemistry, and medical devices. Dr. Salzman has received continuous NIH funding since 1993, authoring 75 federal grants and receiving $160 million in federal grant and contract funding.
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