Indian English Literature | Post-Independence | Evening Session | Sem 3

In this evening session of second day of presentation season 3, following students will make presentations on these topics:
00:00:00 Introduction
00:09:08 Vachchhalata Joshi Salman Rushdie's Life and Works
00:22:00 Nirav Amreliya Contemporary Relevance of the Poem 'One-Eyed' & 'Eklavyam' by Meena Kandasamy
00:45:58 Nilay Rathod Three Prose Writers: Radhakrishnan, Raghunathan and Nirad Chaudhuri
01:05:58 Nidhi Dave Hybridity in Midnight's Children
01:23:02 Nehalba Gohil An Introduction by Kamala Das
01:29:44 Mayuri Pandya Midnight's Children as a Post Modern Novel
01:43:12 Khushboo Makwana Indianness used in The poetry of Nissim Ezekiel
01:56:54 Jheel Barad Comparison: Nissim Ezekiel's 'The Patriot ' and Robert Browning's 'The Patriot'
02:13:05 Janvi Nakum Magic Realism in midnight's children
02:28:00 Conclusion by Dilip Barad
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