India.Arie - Unconscious vs. Conscious Racism & Unfair Treatment of Artists | The Daily Show

Grammy Award-winning artist India.Arie unpacks the mistreatment of artists that caused her to leave Spotify, the unconscious versus conscious racism that surrounds Joe Rogan’s apology, and her life-changing moment with Maya Angelou. #DailyShow

00:00 Intro
02:25 The Issue with Spotify's Treatment of Music Artists
05:09 Asking for Accountability from Joe Rogan & Spotify
08:31 Conscious Racism vs. Unconscious Racism
12:28 Adjusting to Different Audiences
15:50 The Path and The Right to Redemption
20:30 Fielding Hateful Messages For Calling Out Racism
22:04 Doing the Work of Anti-Racism
24:51 Committing to Truth-Telling with Maya Angelou’s Help
28:23 A Better Framework in Society For Personal Growth

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