Impact of climate change on tropical diseases: disease focus

Session at the ISNTD Climate & Health 2022 conference, looking at the impact of climate change on tropical diseases with a focus on schistosomiasis, mosquito-borne diseases, Chagas disease and surgery in NTDs, with the following presentations and discussions:

"The impact of climate change and mosquito-borne diseases in Africa"
Dr Christine Giesen (Centro de Salud Internacional Madrid Salud, Ayuntamiento de Madrid, Madrid, Spain)

"Climate change and schistosomiasis"
Prof Giulio De Leo (Dept. of Earth System and Dept of Oceans, Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability, Stanford University)

"The Connection between Climate Change, Surgical Care and Neglected Tropical Diseases"
Hugh Shirley (Harvard Medical School) 

"Chagas disease, Flooding, Climate change, and Poverty: A study case in the transboundary region of Texas and Northern Mexico" 
Dr Teresa Patricia Feria (The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley) 

Recorded as part of the ISNTD Climate and Health conference on Oct 24th-25th 2022
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