ICD-10-CM: New Guidelines for 2023

This video is a preview of the many important changes to the ICD-10-CM codes and guidelines for 2023. These changes will be effective October 1, 2023. I will have an updated book, ICD-10-CM Coding Guidelines Made Easy, in late July/early August. This will be available on Amazon.

Changes were made to the guidelines and codes themselves for chapters 1-6, chapter 9, chapters 13-17, and chapters 19-21. This video does not cover all changes, only those seen as most important. These include changes and additional codes for HIV/AIDS, hemolytic-uremia syndrome, dementia, diabetes, muscular dystrophy, coronary bypass grafts, dissection and aneurysms of the aorta, intervertebral disc disorders, muscle wasting and atrophy, slipped femoral epiphysis, fractures due to CPR, endometriosis, elective abortion, specific fetal malformations, sleep apnea of newborn, atrial septal defects, phakomatoses, intracranial injuries, underdosing, methamphetamines, transport accidents, social determinants of health, immunomodulators/immunosuppressants, corrected perinatal conditions, and patient and caregiver noncompliance. For the complete list of changes, see https://www.cms.gov/medicare/icd-10/2023-icd-10-cm

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Contents of this video
0:00 - Introduction
2:11 - General guidelines
4:53 - Chapter 1 changes
6:51 - Chapter 2 changes
8:07 - Chapter 3 changes
10:20 - Chapter 4 changes
13:27 - Chapter 5 changes
17:14 - Chapter 6 changes
19:01 - Chapter 9 changes
22:25 - Chapter 13 changes
25:55 - Chapter 14 changes
27:29 - Chapter 15 changes
32:50 - Chapter 16 changes
32:59 - Chapter 17 changes
35:40 - Chapter 19 changes
36:28 - Chapter 20 changes
38:58 - Chapter 21 changes
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