I’ll Knit If I Want To: Episode 96

Welcome to I’ll Knit (& Spin!) If I want To! I asked y’all to send in some of your questions (from everything from fiber arts, to designing and on!) so I could put together a little video for y’all every Friday doing my best to answer your questions!

In this week’s episode we cover:

1. Thank you for doing these videos, I learn so much and look forward to them every week! I've recently begun building up a 'knitting library'. Could you share any of your most used reference books? Anything you'd recommend for anyone's library as a good source of information, tricks, and tips?


2. Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. I have a swatching question. Once you have determined your gauge with a particular yarn and needle size, do you create a new swatch when starting a new project if you're using the same yarn and the gauge required is the same? Do you assume that you'll continue to knit with the same gauge using the same yarn even if the colour of the yarn is different?

3. Hi Andrea, Every wednesday is my day off and I enjoy watching your video's while taking some time to knit and relax. I have never done brioche and I am thinking of trying this for the first time. I have knitted a lot of your patterns and I love the clear instructions. So what pattern of yours would you advice for a novice brioche knitter? Thank you from The Netherlands!

Harlow Hat:

4. Hello! I look forward to every Friday for your podcast, thank you so much for continuing while also on medical leave. I really hope this will give you a well-deserved break. My question is about pockets. I recently made Winters Beach cardi, and I love many of your patterns have pockets! I love pockets!! Do you have any tips for fortifying the pockets? I tend to put rather a lot of random stuff including my phone in pockets and am worried the yarn will stretch, snap or it'll sag. Thank you in advance!

5.Hi Andrea! I was about to cast on The Throwback cardi, feeling all excited, and then noticed that the collar is picked up from the cast on edge later.... could you recommend a cast on method that would be best for going back and picking up stitches later? My go-to is Twisted German cast-on but can do others! What would look best or be easiest for subsequent picking up of stitches? Thank you very much :)

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