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Acne inversa,

Acne inversa, also known as hidradenitis suppurativa, is a chronic skin condition that causes painful and inflamed lesions, typically in the areas around sweat glands such as the armpits, groin, and buttocks. The lesions can appear as boils or abscesses that can become infected and can leave behind scarring. Acne inversa is thought to be caused by a combination of genetics and lifestyle factors, such as obesity and smoking. The exact cause is not well understood.

Treatment options for acne inversa include antibiotics, anti-inflammatory medications, hormone therapy, and in severe cases, surgery. In some cases, a combination of treatments may be necessary to manage the symptoms and prevent future outbreaks. If you have symptoms of acne inversa, it is important to see a dermatologist for proper evaluation and treatment. Early and aggressive treatment is crucial in preventing the progression of the disease and preventing scarring.
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