How to Quickly Qualify for Social Security Disability by Meeting a Listing

One of the main arguments you can use to quickly win your Social Security disability case is to
meet one of Social Security’s "listings."

Contained in SSA’s “Blue Book,” the LISTINGS classify the human body into fourteen (14) numbered “body systems” such as the musculoskeletal system, the cardiac system, the immune system, mental health and more.

Within each numbered system, you will find any number of specific disease or condition diagnoses. If your diagnosis fits the listing exactly or close to exactly, you can be approved for disability early, often within three to five months of filing because you "Meet a Listing."
You qualified by the letter of the law.

But, there's a catch!

As I discuss in this video, however, Social Security intentionally makes the listings very difficult to meet. Common conditions like back issues or depression/anxiety are even more difficult to meet because so many people claim disability based on these conditions.

Further, doctors are focused on treating you, not on creating medical records that will satisfy a Social Security adjudicator. This means that many disability claimants who truly do have listing level medical problems can be IMPROPERLY DENIED due to missing paperwork.

So if you are struggling with a listing level condition, an experienced disability lawyer like myself can help you by creating a checklist form that tracks the language of the listing for your doctor to complete.

Further, your lawyer can identify specific pages in your medical records that fit the language of the listing.

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