How To Prevent Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) are so "hush-hush" in India that we don't even know if we might be at risk for them. In most cases, STIs don't have ANY symptoms. So how do we know if we have one? Before you panic - watch this video . It's your guide to getting tested for STIs, spotting some symptoms, and knowing whether you should get the test. If you're sexually active, consider this sex etiquette 101. Let's change the way we have sex, and ask each other whether we got tested!

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0:05 - Let's Talk About STIs Baby
0:24 - Be Alert About STIs
0:43 - Doctor's Advice = Best Advice
0:49 - 1. Check Your Discharge
0:58 - 2. Peeing Should Be Relieving
1:03 - 3. Sex Shouldn't Hurt...
1:12 - 4. Beware of Rashes, Warts and Ulcers
1:24 - 5. Your Immunity Has Taken a Hit
1:35 - Get Tested ASAP
2:00 - Step 1: Consult a Doctor
2:15 - Step 2: Give Your Blood/Urine Sample
2:21 - Step 3: It's Result Time
2:24 - Bonus Point
2:30 - STI Tests Have a Price Range
2:44 - No Need To Be Awkward
2:55 - Make Sure You're Clear For STIs
3:12 - Invest In Your Sexual Health

What have you been told about STIs in the past, by parents, teachers and friends? Talk to us in the comments!

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