How to Prevent Almost ALL Disease - The Medlife Crisis Podcast #1

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This is an in-depth interview with scientist, author and expert on longevity science, Dr Andrew Steele. We discuss what ageing even is, whether it should be regarded as a disease, how we differ from other animals, where the research is, what treatments look promising, health and economic policy, and what the future looks like.

Watch Andrew and I chat about all things wearable - what numbers you should care about, which you shouldn’t https://youtu.be/9H40yatCwo0

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Book: https://ageless.link

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I’ll add chapters as soon as I get home! Edit: many thanks to user Dihydrousoxide for making them, which I'm shamelessly stealing!

0:00 Intro
5:37 Why you got into the anti-ageing field?
7:15 Ageing as a cause of death
9:18 What is ageing?
13:32 Hallmarks of Ageing - Senescent Cells
17:25 How do we target senescent cells?
20:10 What are telomeres?
22:40 How do we stop telomeres shortening?
26:00 Evolution optimised for reproduction, not ageing well - BOFFFs
33:54 Autophagy - cellular recycling
42:00 Testing of rapamycin - Effective Dose
45:35 Why don't we have human data on rapamycin?
46:24 Metformin - TAME trial monetary issues
49:04 What is Metformin?
52:50 How does Metformin work as an anti-ageing drug?
54:03 What therapies excite you at the moment?
58:39 Thoughts on Calorie restriction
1:04:53 Rhesus Monkey Diet Trials
1:08:14 Potential Therapies - theoretical mechanistic science
1:12:46 Amyloid Studies
1:17:20 Should we stop ageing?
1:31:29 Where do you see the anti-ageing field being in 2050?
1:43:03 Outro


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