How to make healthy eating unbelievably easy | Chandni Chopra | Nova Wellness Session

​In this video, find the best tips & hacks to have a healthy eating habit. Can Healthy Be Easy? ​Did you know that you can trick your brain into eating healthy? We know that healthy eating is easier said than done. Why eat a salad when you could just crack open that packet of chips that's been sitting at your desk? Some of us also often feel the urge to be snacking on something and end up with foods that are high caloric and offer minimum nutrition.

​Although we know what a healthy meal is, our impulses take over when we are hungry. We understand your concerns and are here to address them. Hear from an experienced nutritionist on how to make that transition to healthy eating easier.

​What will you learn from this session:
​Understand why healthy eating is important
​Understand what are some healthy food alternatives
​Learn tricks and tips on how you can switch to healthy eating
​Understand how to make your environment work for you to make the transition

​Why should you attend this event?
​If you are actively looking to change your eating patterns
​If you are proactive about optimizing your diet

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