How to Live a Healthy Lifestyle I 5 Tips for Healthy Lifestyle in Hindi I Sonal Fitness Guide

We are going to talk about in this video, How to Live a Healthy Lifestyle and 5 Tips to amazing Lifestyle in Hindi. Eat a nutritious diet based on variety of foods originating mainly from plants.
1. Healthy diet
2.Healthy physical activity
3.Nutrition diet
4.Healthy lifestyle routines

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In this channel Sonal Fitness Guide tell you about how to meditate, how can be weight loss in deep explanation and gives the tips time to time related to health and fitness !!As my guided video meditation explain what to do and can send u into a deep relaxation and through mindfullness Using guided meditation on a regular basis can truly help wirh relaxation, sleep and peace inside. U fell amazing after meditation ||Meditation is the deliberate focusing of attention to bring about feelings of calm and heightened energy and awareness !!

Exercise is crucial to supporting a healthy metabolism and burning more calories per day. It also helps your maintain your muscles mass and weight loss.Exercise can reduce the risk to heart disease or stroke. Exercise is for relief in stress or anxiety.

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