How To Find The Job Of Your Dreams As A Student? Earn A Six-Figure Salary By Age 25. Networking

This is a must-watch video for high school, college and university students or any tertiary level students before entering the workplace (work world or job market). After watching, you will be able to position yourself to best capitalize on the opportunities that will come your way.

Networking in a college university or at the territory level is essential to ensure you capitalize on the best opportunities in the work environment. This video is a must-watch for students getting ready to go into the world of work. It speaks to the importance of networking, how important it is for the job market and how to capitalize on it to launch a fulfilling career in your field of study.

In this presentation that I delivered to students of the University of the West Indies (UWI), Mona will teach you the following:

1. What is networking?
2. Who should be your target audience for networking?
3. Why network?
4. How to identify the skills and qualifications needed to maximize your earnings in your area of study.
5. How to find unadvertised jobs.
6. How to build your network as a student.
7. How to build your network and get ahead.
8. How to capitalize on career fairs.
9. What are the biggest barriers to networking?
10. Managing fear and pride when networking.
11. What to focus on when you are ready to go into the job market.
12. How to get the job of your dreams.
13. How to get the job of your dreams against all odds.
14. How to rise above obstacles.
15. How to prepare for the job market.
16. How to capitalize on the opportunities that come your way.
17. How to dress to get ahead.
18. How to dress for success.
19. How to improve your attitude.
20. How to improve your aptitude.
21. How to improve your appearance.
22. How to dominate and not compete.
23. How to differentiate and dominate.
24. How to stop comparing yourself with others.
25. How to face your fear.
26. How to overcome the biggest barriers to fear.
27. How to develop a no-quit attitude.
28. Why you must be your own hero.
29. How to ELEVATE your life.
30. How to build your brand.
31. How to enhance your career.
32. How to use IKONWORK to find the job of your dreams, to advance your career, to get free career coaching, to network and socialize and to have fun.
33. How to prepare for the work-world (job market) as a student.
34. Why must college and university students network?
35. How to find a job without a resume.
36. How to find a job without a cover letter.
37. How to create an elevator pitch.
38. How to impress interviewers.
39. How to find a job as a student.
40. How to differentiate yourself.

Thank you for watching! Please share this with every student you know that is about to enter the world of work.

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