How To BURN BODY FAT, Prevent Disease & REVERSE Insulin Resistance | Ben Bikman & Mark Hyman

We’re up against an epidemic of chronic metabolic diseases. One thing they all have in common is a component of insulin dysregulation. Take that into account with the fact that 90% of people who have insulin resistance are going to the doctor and remaining undiagnosed. Why then, are we testing everything but insulin? Today, I take a deep dive into the topic of insulin resistance and metabolic health with Dr. Ben Bikman.

Dr. Bikman is a renowned metabolic research scientist and a popular speaker on human metabolism and nutrition. Backed by years of research, Dr. Bikman’s mission is to help the world appreciate the prevalence and relevance of insulin resistance. He is the author of the book, Why We Get Sick, which offers a thought-provoking yet real solution to insulin resistance and reversing pre-diabetes, improving brain function, shedding fat, and preventing diabetes. Dr. Bikman has a Doctor of Philosophy in Bioenergetics from East Carolina University, and completed a postdoctoral fellowship in metabolic disorders with the Duke-National University of Singapore Medical School.

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