How To Build Muscle and Lose Weight Simultaneously?

How to build muscle and lose weight simultaneously?

Number one. Focus on the intensity. when you're working out, do it in a
focused, continuous manner to stimulate muscle growth and fat burning.
Don't break the intensity you could have gotten just because you keep on checking your phone between each set Rather than resting between three sets of the same exercise try alternating an upper body pull with an upper body push.
Number two. Eat small every three hours. The secret to preventing overeating is to eat small meals often not only that but doing so regulates
blood sugar promotes muscle mass and improves mood make sure to plan so you have something healthy on hand wherever you are and you're fueled every three hours Ideally, your meal should be a combination of carbs, protein, and fat for on-the-go snacks pack healthy foods such as energy bars seeds nuts dried fruit or a protein drink.

Number Three. Work on your speed. When you become faster you improve your muscle size and power your nervous system's efficiency and your flexibility .This explains why sprinters have the leanest most powerful bodies to increase your speed go to a field and alternate 400 meter runs with 400 meter walks then do a light half mile run before and after four intervals.

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