How much could you save on healthy food & products?

We're happy to be your go-to for anything a health-minded home might need.

From food (produce, bulk and frozen) to supplements, personal health, garden & farm as well as books & DVD's - we think you'll love being a part of our community.

We invite you to join our Azure Standard family.
Membership is always free.

Here's how it works:
1. Visit
2. Sign-up (always free!)
3. Choose a delivery pick-up point (over 2700 all over the USA) - we call these places "drops"
4. Shop for your groceries and other products - place your order.
5. You'll receive an email telling you your delivery date (one way we save you money is to deliver multiple orders for customers at the same time on the same truck.)
6. Pick up your order at your "drop".
7. Enjoy!

We also offer regular shipping methods.
Healthy food
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