How I Tricked My Brain To Like Eating Healthy Food

I wanted to hack my brain to *actually like* eating healthy food. So I embarked on a crazy journey to try and figure out how to make that happen. Along the way I discovered some new habits and protocols to assist in the process.

Quote to ponder #2:
"You wear a shabby dress and everyone sees the dress. You wear a beautiful dress and everyone sees the woman" - Coco Channel



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Studies referenced (blog posts):

Health podcasts I loved (sorry I didn’t include this in the video):
- Huberman Lab
- The Peter Attia Drive Podcast
- Found My Fitness with Rhonda Patrick
- The Tim Ferris Show (not all health related)

Artistic Credits:
I stole the idea for the thumbnail from the ‘Supersize Me’ poster.
Part of the montage in the intro is inspired by the ad ‘Sell like crazy’. It’s a really good ad go check it out.

Why I’m doing this - 00:00
Day 1 - 1:01
Day 2 - 2:02
Day 3 - 3:30
Day 4 - 4:34
Day 5 - 6:01
Day 6 - 8:29
Day 7 - 9:01
Final Thoughts - 9:07
Healthy food
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